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Building A Better District is a taxpayer-led movement and is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the State or Regional Board of Education, any individual school district, or administration/Board of Education. 


On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the Central 301 School District issued a communication notifying the community of the resignation of Board Member, Fred Vogt.  Mr. Vogt's term was set to run through 2027.

In accordance with Board Policy 2:70, the Board is seeking volunteers from the community to apply for Mr. Vogt's position.  The Board of Education will select candidates from the applicants, interview them, and select someone to serve as Mr. Vogt's replacement until the April 2025 elections.

Board Policy 2:70 states:  "Whenever a vacancy occurs, the remaining members shall notify the Regional Superintendent of Schools of that vacancy within five days after its occurrence and shall fill the vacancy until the next regular board election, at which election a successor shall be elected to serve the remainder of the unexpired term. However, if the vacancy occurs with less than 868 days remaining in the term or less than 88 days before the next regularly scheduled election, the person so appointed shall serve the remainder of the unexpired term, and no election to fill the vacancy shall be held. Members appointed by the remaining members of the Board to fill vacancies shall meet any residential requirements as specified in the School Code. The Board shall fill the vacancy within 60 days after it occurred by a public vote at a meeting of the Board."

You can review the Board Policies here.  Please see the official notification to the right in order to submit your letter of interest and resume to the Board.  

If you see fit to do so, Building A Better District would appreciate knowing who has submitted their name to the board for consideration.  Feel free to e-mail us your submission and let us know if you will allow us to share your name with the community.

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We are a local group dedicated to cultivating an empowered and engaged community of parents and taxpayers to build an environment of transparency, accountability, and communication within Central Community Unified District 301 (D301), representing the unified voice of the people for a successful and sustainable future.


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Building A Better District is a volunteer community group advocating for transparency, honesty, accountability, and community engagement from Central CUSD 301 in Burlington, IL.

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