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A Movement By Citizens  Demanding Transparency, Accountability, and Community Engagement for school districts in the State of Illinois.

Building A Better District is a taxpayer-led movement and is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the State or Regional Board of Education, any individual school district, or administration/Board of Education. 

What Is the Purpose of A School Board?

All of us are familiar with the term "Board of Education", but does everyone really understand their purpose?   One of the most striking statements made by IASB is the following:

Regular, ongoing, two-way communication has long been an issue for many community members in our district.  The CHS Referendum is just one example where community engagement was not effectively initiated early in the process.  Board members continue to participate in ongoing planning and steering committee meetings, taking care not to have more than 2 board members in attendance at a time to avoid triggering the Open Meetings Act requirement that would require they make the meetings open to the public.

According to IASB, our community is the Owner of the district.  The board of education is in place to ensure the community's will and expectations are properly represented and their tax dollars protected.  We took a moment to review this topic with the Illinois Association of School Boards and put together a brief presentation for our community on the PURPOSE of our Board of Education and its members.


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