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D301 Board of Education Approves Tax Increase for 2023

In the December 2023 Board of Education meeting, our Board members approved an increase in the tax levy against district homeowners.  (Only one board member, Fred Vogt, voted "no" to the tax increase. Morgan Pappas was absent for this meeting).  The board openly stated they approved an operational budget for the 2024-2025 school year that was dependent upon an increase in property taxes.  Even though the "limited tax rate" went down, the total budget increased meaning homes in the district will see an increase in funds going from their property taxes to D301.


During the referendum process, the district was showing the community the NET increase to your property tax bill but subsuming the amount you are already paying for the $34 million bond from 2007 for the construction of  Country Trails & Prairie Knolls Middle School (which is set to be paid off by 2027).

It was the position of Building A Better District that the community should clearly understand the GROSS impact of the $195 million referendum on their property tax bill, separate and apart from the $34 million bond from 2007.  

This calculator will be using the estimated 2023 tax amount that would go to D301 and offers two numbers:  one that assumes the $195 million referendum passes and one that assumes the $195 million referendum fails to pass and the CT/PKMS debt bond was paid off in 2023 (it is set to be paid off in 2027).  This is not meant to be a projection of future taxes, but an estimation of what your taxes would look like if these two scenarios were happening today.

The Tax Savings Calculator takes you to web page.  Please have the most recent copy of your property tax bill ready as you will need the Net Taxable Value number from your bill. You can find your tax bill online:

  • Go to the Kane County Property Tax Inquiry page and locate your property.
  • Click on the year 2022 (as 2023 has not yet been assessed). 
  • Click the "Print Tax Bill" button to see your full tax bill.
  • From the boxes on the right hand side, locate the box "Net Taxable Val."  This is the amount you will use in our calculator.  Example of the bottom portion of the bill is in the image to the right.

Please note: the district's tax calculator is based off of Fair Cash Value.  Our calculator is based off of Net Taxable Value.  For this reason, there may be a slight variance between our numbers, however, like the district's calculator, this is for estimation purposes only and is not a guarantee.

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We are a local group dedicated to cultivating an empowered and engaged community of parents and taxpayers to build an environment of transparency, accountability, and communication within Central Community Unified District 301 (D301), representing the unified voice of the people for a successful and sustainable future.


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Building A Better District is a volunteer community group advocating for transparency, honesty, accountability, and community engagement from Central CUSD 301 in Burlington, IL.

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