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Building A Better District is a taxpayer-led movement and is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the State or Regional Board of Education, any individual school district, or administration/Board of Education. 

Census Data Shows Kane County Attrition/Shift of Population

Building A Better District affirms the need for more space for our students.  Where we disagree with the district is their methodology for calculating future enrollment.  Data models we have put together using forecasting methodology, which anticipates empty-nester homes in the next 20 years among other factors, shows a much different number.  Now that the $195 million high school option has been defeated by the community TWICE, our Board of Education must immediately commission an independent Enrollment Forecast & Facilities Analysis upon which to base any further expansion plans.

 An independent enrollment forecast and facilities analysis would cost roughly $50,000.  Our Board of Education should direct the district  to get these analyses performed immediately so we can build a better plan with our community as quickly as possible.

Growth in Kane County, Illinois, overall has experienced a slightly negative growth since 2020.  The data in the chart to the right is taken directly from the US Census Bureau.  We are awaiting the 2023 updates at this time.  The numbers are consistent with the slow down we have seen in existing home sales and new home construction in our area.

We also took a look at the US Census Bureau's specific cities in our area, including those in neighboring school districts and the information really shows the shifting of growth away from our area and up into the northern and northeastern portion of Kane County.  Huntley, Hampshire, Pingree Grove, Gilberts, and West Dundee showing significant increases in some cases compared to our area.  The data does not support  "aggressive growth" in our district.

Left: upper portion of the plan showing Pingree Creek and Trinity Chase can be seen on the left image.  Pingree Creek's numbers may increase slightly, but any increase will be due to a shift to smaller, higher-density housing plans.   Developments with "X" are stalled or undeveloped since 2006-2007 and remain so today.

Right: lower portion of the plan showing subdivisions that were already underway or in active development at the time of the 2016 referendum and should have been included in the district's projected numbers for future enrollment.

City of Elgin Map

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We are a local group dedicated to cultivating an empowered and engaged community of parents and taxpayers to build an environment of transparency, accountability, and communication within Central Community Unified District 301 (D301), representing the unified voice of the people for a successful and sustainable future.


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Building A Better District is a volunteer community group advocating for transparency, honesty, accountability, and community engagement from Central CUSD 301 in Burlington, IL.

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